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Mar 19 : 11:30
We would like to thank RATINGS CENTRAL and David Marcus for providing a new special sport category for Sandpaper Table Tennis. This completes our new rating system and makes it one of the most accurate rating systems in the world today.

Mar 03 : 19:07
We are growing fast. We now have 61 players with an official USSTTA Rating! Our next benchmark will be 100. Join in and have some fun!!!!

Mar 01 : 18:26
We are now above 50 players who have participated in a sanctioned USSATT Tournament. We now have a total of 53 ranked players!!!

Oct 26 : 08:32
We have reached a milestone! As of October 22, 2010, we have 40 players who have participated in a sanctioned USSTTA tournament! We are steadily growing! Thanks to everyone who has participated!

Ed Ball
May 09 : 10:34
NO REED'S $100 PRIZE MONEY FOR LIHA OPEN if the event remains a single elimination instead of a round robin.

The LIHA event--they, the movers and shakers, the rubber dealers, are us throwing a bone. It's a sham.

There is a Ov40 HARDBAT round robbin event at 9:45 am, Wednesday, with good prize money, but not as good as the Open Liha at 9 am.

Ed Ball
May 08 : 22:00

Is not a round robbin, but a single elimination.

There is a Ov40 round robbin event at 9:45 am, Wednesday, with good prize money, but not as good as the Open Liha at 9 am.

This ain't right. We get the worst time for our event, in addition, it's single elimination.

Battery low, now.

If you are a person with clout, please, make that difficult call. Get Liha Open event changed to RR .

Ed Ball
May 07 : 05:24


The Liha revolution is here.
Tell a friend.

Registration deadline is close--May 10, perhaps.

Click Here

Sep 30 : 23:26
Custom made paddles are permissible as long as they meet the USSTTA requirements. The requirements are simple and straight-forward and can be found by clicking on "Sandpaper Rules" above and on "Approved Equipment" above.

Michael Varde
Sep 30 : 23:06
Can one participate in competition with a homemade paddle as long as it meets all of the proper USSATT requirements?


Have you ever played Table Tennis with a Sandpaper Paddle?



Posted by RaySpann
Votes: 128 Comments: 1
Previous polls

RANK Mem # ExpDate Name Rating Location LastPlay
14658212/31/15Alban, Keith2529Parkview, FL5/13/11
24209512/31/15Baldonado, Johnard2349Las Vegas, NV12/18/10
34206512/31/15Jimenez, Winston2334Manilla, Philippines7/3/10
44205012/31/15Hoff, Ty2332Palm Harbor, FL10/21/11
54210312/31/15Chu, Bin Hai2287Miami Lakes, FL2/19/11
64206912/31/15Chui, Jane Hone2266Bedford, MA7/3/10
74206812/31/15Cua, Peter2261Manila, Philippines7/3/10
84206612/31/15Hodges, Larry Bruce2255Germantown, MD7/3/10
94205912/31/15Yarnley, Keith2231Worcestershire, UK5/1/15
104206312/31/15Santelices, Oscar2201Manila, Phillipines7/3/10
114210112/31/15Jeerapaet, Kit2200Tampa, FL5/13/11
124207812/31/15Beckford, Jim2189Edgewater, FL07/17/15
135540612/31/15Tran, Hung2131Orlando, FL5/18/12
147350112/31/15Plyler, Mark2064Miami, FL10/23/15
154209112/31/15Mueller, Rick2040Austin, TX12/18/10
166788312/31/15Lui, Patrick1999Baltimore, MD5/2/14
178356912/31/15Evans, Matthew1982Germantown, MD7/17/15
184205412/31/15Abril, Ricardo1983Tampa, FL2/21/14
196788212/31/15Brown, Dennis1974Auburndale, FL2/22/13
204210712/31/15Hautsch, Fred1957Tampa, FL5/13/11
214208912/31/15Papp III, Al L.1939Mountain View, CA12/18/10
224206712/31/15Gordon, Scott1930Carmichael, CA12/18/10
234206212/31/15Turberville, Jay1922Fountain Hills, AZ12/18/10
244205612/31/15Mader, Olivier1913Lakeland, FL2/21/14
254205812/31/15Fondas, Evangelos1908Miami, FL9/24/10
268168612/31/15Dubow, Art1907Stamford, CT.5/1/15
277468912/31/15Dowridge, Winston1903Jacksonville, FL10/24/14
287138812/31/15La Adamas, Aser1899Tampa, FL6/20/15
294209012/31/15Palgon, Robert1891Freemont, CA12/18/10
306788012/31/15Millett, Alan1891Ocala, FL2/22/13
316788412/31/15Chan, Chi-Kin1877Orlando, FL2/22/13
324207012/31/15Ball, Ed1855Santa Monica, CA12/18/10
334210212/31/15Halbig, Fred1846Maryland Heights, MO5/13/11
344208112/31/15Weisbecker, Jim1838The Villages, FL5/3/13
354207512/31/15Neimark, Dashiel1825Ormond Beach, FL7/15/11
364204912/31/15Maisonet, William1814Ocoee, FL6/22/13
374210812/31/15Harrington, John1807Phoenix, AZ2/25/11
388453212/31/15John, Lawrence1781Kent, UK8/14/15
394207212/31/15Yohannes, Filmon1779Daytona Beach, FL2/25/11
404207112/31/15Baubin, Mike1772Cary, NC12/18/10
414206412/31/15Norman, Dean1766Cleveland, OH12/18/10
428634912/31/15Gaukhman, Alexander1763Nokomis, FL10/23/15
434209412/31/15Gette, Javant R.1760Scottsdale, AZ12/18/10
446788812/31/15Shultz, John1712Inverness, FL6/16/12
456788112/31/15Le, Elvis1688Auburndale, FL6/21/14
464205112/31/15Hensley, Larry1686Ft. Pierce, FL7/15/11
476787812/31/15Wu, Peter1684Bradenton, FL6/20/15
488453312/31/15Girdner, David C.1667Hixson, TN8/14/15
496788512/31/15Khatri, Jay1664Lakeland, FL5/3/13
504209812/31/15Palumbo, Al1661Safety Harbor, FL8/12/11
517134312/31/15Marik, Victor1645Gainesville, FL10/23/15
524205312/31/15Shumaker, Joe1639Franklin, TN10/23/09
534208312/31/15Khatri, Arun1636Lakeland, FL8/15/14
544209612/31/15Ruiz, Felipe1633Clearwater, FL2/19/11
554209912/31/15Moreau, Richard1553Largo, FL2/19/11
564210512/31/15Benitez, Patricia1547Orlando, FL2/24/12
574208612/31/15Spann, Raymond1543The Villages, FL8/11/11
586787712/31/15Johnson, Adam1505Orlando, FL10/19/12
594208712/31/15Wright, Tim1504Sedona, AZ12/18/10
604206012/31/15Ramos, Perfecto1493Bay Pines, FL6/22/13
614207412/31/15Robbins, William1493St. Petersburg, FL6/20/15
624208512/31/15Hill, Ronald1442Worcestershire, UK9/24/10
638530112/31/15Hou, David1438Gainesville, FL10/23/15
644208812/31/15Vivo, Romeo A.1435Las Vegas, NV12/18/10
657350212/31/15Plyler, Mark F.1428Miami, FL7/18/14
664210412/31/15Butler, Barry1427Ottawa, Ontario2/21/14
674722212/31/15Locke, Richard1427New Smyrna Beach, FL7/15/11
687964312/31/15Capo, Enrico1420Port. St. Lucie, FL2/20/15
697134212/31/15Wilson, Yulia1411The Villages, FL2/21/14
708453112/31/15John, Lydia1361Kent, UK8/14/15
714209712/31/15Romero Lara, Victoria1356Safety Harbor, FL2/19/11
726788612/31/15Boateng, Juliana1353Jacksonville, FL6/22/13
734722112/31/15Fonseca, Omar1339Brandon, FL7/15/11
744207712/31/15Francisco, Ramon1337Winter Haven, FL2/25/11
757134012/31/15Amick, Willaim1322The Villages, FL2/21/14
765540912/31/15Marlin, Shaman1319Gainesville, FL2/24/12
777469012/31/15Irish, Janet1286Tampa, FL8/15/14
784209312/31/15Markus, Peter T.1286Raleigh, NC12/18/10
794208012/31/15Le, Phi1284St. Petersburg, FL8/13/10
804205712/31/15Yarnley, Alison1266Worcestershire, UK5/1/15
815541212/31/15Crosby, Reginald1248Sarasota, FL2/24/12
825541112/31/15Marlin, Jacob1246Gainesville, FL2/24/12
834207612/31/15Higgins, Stewart1227Palm Coast, FL8/12/11
846788712/31/15Bladen, David1221Lakeland, FL6/22/13
858530212/31/15Korotych, Olena1219Gainesville, FL9/18/15
864208212/31/15So, Calvin1214Lakeland, FL10/21/11
877964212/31/15Shugak, Ben1206Lakeland, FL2/20/2015
887350012/31/15Hanley, Keith1197Clearwater, FL6/20/15
898168512/31/15Tung, Hsiao-Hung1165Orlando, FL5/1/15
906814012/31/15Woodington, Brad1154Lakeland, FL8/09/13
914779612/31/15Dijamco, Michael1145Lakeland, FL8/12/11
924207912/31/15Teav, Som1145St. Petersburg, FL8/13/10
934722112/31/15Simmons, Phillip1132The VIllages, FL5/1/15
947350312/31/15Plyler, Christine1125Miami, FL7/18/14
958530312/31/15Tan, Jen-Sung1118Gainesville, FL10/23/15
964711912/31/15Moyant, Kyle1114Gainesville, FL8/12/11
977133612/31/15Lam, Anita1112Winter Park, FL9/20/13
986814112/31/15Sheppard, Thomas1095Lakeland, FL8/09/13
997133712/31/15Milanov, Juliana1089Winter Garden, FL9/20/13
1006787912/31/15Strom, Erik1073Lakeland, FL8/10/12
1014722012/31/15Wise, Aaron1055Tampa, FL7/15/11
1024209212/31/15Morrison, Jeffrey1050Green Valley, AZ12/18/10
1034205512/31/15Smith, Sammy1044Ladson, SC2/26/10
1047134112/31/15Van Haverbeke, Neal1027The Villages, FL2/21/14
1054204812/31/15Pederquist, Leif 1006West Melbourne, FL 8/14/09
1064779512/31/15Vander Wiere0992The Villages, FL8/11/11
1074730212/31/15Foisy, Mo0982The Villages, FL8/11/11
1087133912/31/15Mitchell, Janie0977The Villages, FL2/21/14
10942610012/31/15Manning, Shea0972Clearwater, FL2/19/11
1104649512/31/15Trimble, Jan0937The Villages, FL5/13/11
1115540712/31/15Blair, Beverly0920Sarasota, FL2/24/12
1124730112/31/15Dean, Dave0838The Villages, FL8/11/11
1134207312/31/15Snyder, Cynthia0806Chuluota, FL7/16/10
1144210612/31/15Adams, Carolyn0800St. Petersburg, FL2/19/11
11542052 12/31/15 Diaz, Jose 0740Ocoee, FL 8/14/09
1165540812/31/15Hamilton, John0726Leesburg, FL2/24/12
1174779412/31/15Dinicola, Sondra0651The Villages, FL8/11/11
1185541012/31/15Hamilton, Sarah0643Leesburg, FL8/11/11
1194734012/31/15Crenwelge, Walt0623The Villages, FL8/11/11
1204208412/31/15Hill, Sandra0555Worcesershire, UK9/24/10
1214206112/31/15Maisonet, Noel0550Ocoee, FL6/19/10
None 97005 12/31/15 Waldman, Joel None Claremont, CA None
None 97007 12/31/15 Hutzel, Andrew None Eagle River, AK None
None 97008 12/31/15 Leff, Caron None Fort Myers, FL None
None 97009 12/31/15 Leff, Marvin None Fort Myers, FL None
None 97010 12/31/15 Hoey, Chuck None Renens, Switzerland None
None 97011 12/31/15 Dorsch, Bill None Lakewood, OH None
None 97012 12/31/15 Freitag, Karl None Vero Beach, FL None
None 97013 12/31/15 Abad, Andy None San Jose, CA None
None 97014 12/31/15 Catalan, Pablo None Manila, Phillipines None
None 97015 12/31/15 Mangold, Gerald None North Palm Beach, FL None
None 97017 12/31/15 Varde, Michael None Merritt Island, FL None
None 97018 12/31/15 Branam, Trevor None Cocoa, FL None
None 97019 12/31/15 Mitchell, Joel None Columbia, SC None
None9702112/31/15Fong, KenNoneSt. Petersburg, FLNone
None 9702212/31/15Hoffman, MarkNoneLoves Park, ILNone
None9702312/31/15Allen, AllenNoneMcIntosh, FLNone
None9702412/31/15Falk, CliffordNoneGrand Island, NYNone
None9702512/31/15Lorand, VictorNoneSarasota, FLNone
None9702612/31/15Fondas, MarkNoneAventura, FLNone
None9702712/31/15Bear, MikeNoneSarasota, FLNone
None9702812/31/15Espanol, ArtemioNoneWesley Chapel, FLNone
None9703012/31/15Risner, ByronNoneHazel Green, KYNone
None9703112/31/15Jensen, EricNoneGallup, NMNone
None9703212/31/15Johnston, SpencerNoneHenderson, NVNone
None9703312/31/15Houser, JohnNoneGeorgetown, TXNone
None9703412/31/15de Haan, PhilNoneGrand Rapids, MINone
None9703512/31/15Schonwit, HerbertNoneBrandon, FLNone
None9703612/31/15Green, RyanNoneHuntington, NYNone
None9703712/31/15Maropis, AdoniNoneVan Nuys, CANone
None9703812/31/15Breese, RalphNoneSeattle, WANone

Ratings Information
Player's ratings are based on matches played in USSTTA Sanctioned Tournaments only.
Match play in other non-sanctioned events or other association events have no effect on USSTTA ratings.
Ratings Central provides the vehicle for generating player ratings.
The "Standard Deviation" is removed in order to provide a specific rating for tournament play.
New ratings are updated within 3 hours of the completion and submission of the tournament results.
Ratings Correction
If an error is discovered, please Email: RaySpann@gmail.com with "USSTTA Rating Error" in the subject line.

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