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Download Table Tennis Tournament Software on Sunday 15 January 2017 - 17:14:00

The table tennis tournament program provided here supports two tournament formats:  Colossal and Rated events.
Database is prepopulated with all 50,000+ registered players and two sample tournaments. Tournament results
can be exported in xcel format and sent to USATT for recording. Email any questions to:  spklingberg@yahoo.com.
Plese send donation to paypal account: spklingberg@yahoo.com for each sanctioned USATT tournament you run
(and are happy with the results) to keep this program going ($5 is enough - just trying to collect enough to have
software signed for safe downloads). Last Update 5/7/2017
NOTE: This program has not been signed and you will see warning message "unknown publisher" when downloaded.
           I can assure you the program is safe to download and install. I recommend the software to be installed within
           "C:\TableTennis". Click the link below to download the software.

Posted by Ted Hackler